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The Ohio State University Surplus Department is responsible for the disposition of OSU property in accordance with university policy. Methods of disposition include, department transfer, public sale, public auction, recycle, and trash. In order to manage the disposition and maximize the return services are provided as described below.



Items are made available for transfer to University departments on the first Monday of every month from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Department representatives can go to the Surplus warehouse and look for items they need. An eRequest for $0.00 is required to complete the transfer. All items must be removed from the warehouse by the Friday following the Monday transfer day. Transfers are made on a “first come” and “as-is” basis.



Public sales are conducted on the third Tuesday of every month from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted as payment for sales. Sales are made on a “first come” and “as-is” basis with no stated or implied warranty, and all sales are final. Unless exemption information is provided, all sales are subject to Ohio sales tax. Purchasers may place an intra-day hold on items to arrange payment or to secure appropriate transportation. These holds remain in effect until 3:00 PM. Items purchased must be removed from the surplus warehouse by the end of the business day.



Some items based on condition and market demand may be offered for sale to the public through auction on the internet using Using this process maximizes the return on OSU property and allows the public to bid on available items. Buyers must comply with the terms and conditions per the bid posting.



The OSU Surplus Department utilizes several recycling services. Recycling companies and used equipment dealers are enlisted to dispose of equipment not suitable for sale or transfer.



Although the OSU Surplus Department will make every effort to sell or recycle all surplus items received it will unfortunately be required to place some items for disposal as trash.




Free pick up of items submitted on a Disposal Request


Shredding of media storage devices including computer and server hard drives, tape drives, CD/DVD’s, flash drives, and cell phones.


On-site sale of large equipment and property. This is usually conducted through public auction with equipment removal coordinated with the buyer and a department representative. An on-site sale typically requires 15 – 20 days to complete the process.


Department rebate program. For items or projects providing a return greater than $5,000, there is potential for the department to receive a rebate based on the selling value of the items.


Items are received on Monday through Friday (except public sale day, the 3rd Tuesday of every month) 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM. A Disposal Request must be submitted and a manifest of items transported must accompany deliveries.



OSU Surplus Department

2650 Kenny Rd.

Columbus, Ohio 43210.

Surplus office is located past the receiving and shipping docks on the south east corner of the Central Receiving Building








(614) 688-3545

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