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Public Buyer


Public sales are conducted on the third Tuesday of every month from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted as payment for sales. Sales are made on a “first come” and “as-is” basis with no stated or implied warranty, and all sales are final. Unless exemption information is provided, all sales are subject to Ohio sales tax. Purchasers may place an intra-day hold on items to arrange payment or to secure appropriate transportation. These holds remain in effect until 3:00 PM. Items purchased must be removed from the surplus warehouse by the end of the business day. The sale is held at the Surplus Department warehouse located at 2650 Kenny Rd., Columbus, OH 43210.


  • Purchases are subject to University terms and conditions.
  • Select the Surplus Inventory tab to see the inventory in the Surplus Warehouse.
  • Select the Buyer Registration tab to register an account and select preferences. (optional)
  • If you have already registered an account with us you can login (on the right) to update and/or view your personal information and preferences.


OSU Employee Buyer


Items are made available for transfer to University departments on the first Monday of every month from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Department representatives can go to the Surplus warehouse and look for items they need. An eRequest for $0.00 is required to complete the transfer. All items must be removed from the warehouse by the Friday following the Monday transfer day. Transfers are made on a “first come” and “as-is” basis.


  • Login with your OSU name.# account to see items available for purchase or transfer.
  • Select the Surplus Inventory tab to see the inventory in the Surplus Warehouse. If you are interested in an item it can be selected and transferred on one of the scheduled transfer Mondays.
  • Select the Department Inventory tab to view items still located in the Departments and available for transfer to other OSU departments. These items can be transferred prior to being received by the Surplus Department by creating a Department transfer in SPMS. Have your Surplus Coordinator imitate the transfer on your behalf.


OSU Surplus Coordinator


You must be an approved Surplus Coordinator for your department to submit a Disposal Request. Disposal Requests are required by the Surplus Department authorizing them to receive items for disposition. The Surplus Department will provide free pick up of you items or you may select the “self-delivery” option if you prefer. The form and instructions to register as a Surplus Coordinator are available at Surplus.osu.edu.


  • Login to create, manage and approve disposal requests.


If you have questions about surplus, please contact us at Surplus@osu.edu or contact us at 614-688-3545.


OSU Surplus Store

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