Department Inventory

Department Inventory List

Items on this page are only viewable by OSU employees who have logged in with their OSU Internet Username.

Department Inventory List shows all items that are available for transfer to OSU Departments.

To filter the items, use the "Category" and/or "Unit Price" drop-down lists above the list. Click the "Apply Filter" button after you've made you selections. Click the "Undo Filter" button to see all items again.

To sort the list, use the sorting links (Sort by Disposal Request Number/Category/Qty/Unit Price) below the filters row. Click one of the links once to sort the list in ascending order, and twice to sort in descending order.

Click on the image (if available) to view the full-size image(s) for the selected item.

You will see a checkbox "Add to My Want List" by each item. Click the checkbox to select your items of interest. Un-select the checkbox to remove the item from your Want List.


Department Inventory Search

Use this page to search for a specific item or items that match your search criteria.

Enter or select any value in one or more search fields and click the "Search" button. The Department Inventory List will then show all matching items. You can use the filtering and sorting features to find a particular item.

Click the "Cancel" button to clear your search results.



My Want List

On this page you will see a list of items you have added from the Department Inventory list. Un-select the "Remove from My Want List" checkbox to remove the item.