Special Bid Sales


Special bid sales are sales of more valuable items that are auctioned by "sealed bid". Any website visitor can view the details of upcoming and past sales. Only registered users can place their bids online.


Upcoming Sales

This page shows one or more upcoming special bid sales. Click the "View Sale Details" link to view more detailed information on the sale. Click on the special bid image to view it fullsize. You will see the "Next" and "Previous" buttons on the Image Preview popup if there are more images for the selected sale.



Placing a Bid

Registered users can place their bids online. After you log in you will see the "My Bid" textbox and the "Place Bid" button on the Sale Details page. Enter the amount and click the button to submit your bid.

If you enter the amount smaller than the starting price, your bid will not be accepted.



After you submit your bid, you can modify it by clicking the "Update" button. You can remove your bid by clicking the "Cancel" button.

You can place and modify your bid any time before the special bid end date and time. When the bidding time is over, your currently entered bid will be the one considered for the auction.


Winning Bidder

The winning bidder is the person with the highest bid placed before the closing date and time.

If there is a tie for the winning bid, the OSU Surplus staff will call the tied winners and ask each one to place a new bid. The highest of the new bids will be the winner. If the new bids are also tied, additional rounds of telephone bidding will continue until there is a winner.


The winning bidder will receive an invoice in the mail or by email. Payment for the special bid sales can be made with a check, credit card or money order. Special bid merchandise is ofter stored at the department that is selling it, and arrangement for pickup can be made by contacting the OSU Surplus.


Past Sales

This page shows a list of past special bid sales with their winning bids. You can click on the "Image" icon to view the picture of the sold item.